ESV GROUP PESVHCM0165 Project with Japanese partner

Digital Monitoring

Real-time updates and database integration.


The digital information can be passed instantly to relay driver security, cargo, and weight.


Using a RFID/NFC system we can automate the entire supply chain from production facility to harbor.

Project PESVHCM0165

With the perfect combination of advanced RFID technology, intelligent permission structures, and flexible offline configuration features, Effective Solution Vietnam’s shipment management software not only meets modern management needs but also unlocks maximum potential for sustainable development in the cement distribution industry in Vietnam and the region. With a steadfast commitment to providing advanced and efficient technological solutions, Effective Solution Vietnam continues to lead innovation and enhance productivity in the cement distribution industry in Vietnam


Using RFID/NFC cards instead of paper vouchers. Session information is readily available as the driver passes through the card reading gate.
Controlled entry and exit through the card system.
The information has been linked from the sales system/warehouse management system, and the session data includes vehicle number/driver’s ID/vehicle image/inbound and outbound weight/shipment chute information/cargo type.
Drivers don’t need to exit the vehicle when entering the gate/weighing table.
Optimized stacking at the chute/swift operation.
Comprehensive storage enabled through automatic monitoring of the shipping process


Accelerate shipping by allowing drivers not to disembark when entering the security gate and weighing station.
High-security information assurance through a fully automated monitoring system for each work session (shipment) with details on orders, cargo types, drivers, inbound and outbound weights.
Optimize real-time monitoring, reduce loss. A closed-loop system from sales to shipment chute/counting system.
Speed up the shipping process by automating information/shipment chute notifications/driver notifications/shipment coordination